New design: Classic Mini cup holder

One of the biggest issues I faced with my Austin Mini is not the exploding heater valve, nor the ignition coil falling off, nor the blown out head gasket, but the lack of a decent cup holder. These kind of major issues can be solved by 3D printing. Which I did 馃榾

The cup holder can be placed without any screws into the ashtray space (some force required). This is still a work in progress because some areas are a little too thin and the glass transition temperature (the temperature at which the material goes into a rubbery state) of PLA is 60 to 65掳C according to Wikipedia. This means that the holder will not be able hold my beverage on a hot summer day…

I still have to test this design by putting two full cans of soda into the holder and going for a ride on a bumpy road for a while. Eventually this design will be a little tougher and made out of ABS before the next summer!

P.S. Here is a photo of the holder actually holding drinks

Cup holder holding drinks
Cup holder holding drinks

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  1. Calvin

    Did you ever refine this? Also could I get the model?

    1. J贸n

      It has been a long time since I last looked at this design. I just checked and I still have it! I haven’t refined it and it’s a bit fragile, but it worked. If you send me a message through the about page I can share the stl file with you. I share the STEP and Fusion files with my Patreon supporters.

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