Food dispenser [WORK IN PROGRESS]

Suggested Price: 3.00

Suggested Price: 3.00

The download contains the 3D printable (stl) files only. The Fusion 360 and/or STEP files are accesible to my Patreon supporters. Consider becoming a supporter yourself and get access to these files!



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This is the last upgrade (for now) for the Foldable Ender 3 pro upgrade series. My goad with this series was to take this printer on the road and start printing food with it. This idea still stands and I even have better ideas to incorporate once I continue working with it 🙂

For now I present you this preliminary design which does not fully work, but it’s fun to experiment with. I want to make a better gear reduction for the flexible shaft, but it should be possible to put a pancake stepper on top as well. I’ve made a video in which I show my way to get to this design, enjoy this one! 😀

Print Settings

Printer: Creality Ender 3 pro and CR-10
Rafts: Yes
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 30%
Filament: ABS and Nylon


The gears are printed with Nylon. They have a tapered edge for easier printing. Print these parts with that edge faced down and curling up or elephants feet do not influence the working of the gear itself. It’s easier to remove the brim too 😉 I’ve printed the rest out of ABS, but PLA or PETG would work as well I recon.

Mounting instructions

The parts you’ll need:

For mounting everything I recommend to just watch the stop-motion part of the video 😉


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