Hot end holder for Quick tool change

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This holder is used for adding the stock hot end and fan duct to the Quick tool change system.

Print Settings

Printer: Creality CR-10
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 50%
Filament: eSun Nylon White


Do not use PLA since this is probably not strong and temperature resistant enough. I use a Micro Swiss hot end for printing Nylon and the cooling block stays rather cool. I don’t know about stock cooling blocks so check this out before mounting this. I think you can alternatively use ABS or PETG but I haven’t tested this.


Beware that the nozzle has an offset in the Y-direction after installing this holder so its homing position is not above the print bed anymore. This can easily be fixed by moving the Y-stop at the back a bit to the front. This comes with the cost of a slightly smaller printing area.


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