My name is Jón Schone. My interest lies in the broadest sense of engineering and manufacturing. I started as a precision mechanist, attended mechanical engineering for a while and eventually ended up as an electronics engineer. I’ve worked at several technical companies, among them Philips, and it took me a while to find out where my heart really lies.

This can be put very simplistic: creating something. Whether it’s a piece of software, a simple specific holder, a new mechanical concept or even just a nice looking photograph, fun video or piece of music, I want to create something. Something new.

Turning an idea, concept, or even a hunch into reality is what I love to do. I enjoy the thrill of chasing the unknown, not knowing what the result will look like, while having a vague image or vision in mind. I want to share this passion, feeling, and experience with as many people as possible and help them with their own journey.

I achieve this by creating content that inspires, excites, and entertains people. I show the process of my ideas, experiments, and inventions. We live in an era where tools that can create sophisticated and high-quality parts are accessible to individual people like you and me. At home, behind a desk, we can achieve things that previously required a big budget and a lot of expertise. However, this requires tools, ideas and knowledge.

3D printing is ideally suited for turning ideas into reality. However, it’s just a tool to get the job done. A 3D printer on its own is not going to do much. It needs a design to print. A design starts with an idea that needs to be sparked. I can be that spark. I show that trying out new ideas, even if they fail, have two outcomes: either you learn new things, or you get new ideas. To turn an idea into a design, knowledge and skills are required. By sharing my skills and knowledge, I help you to apply them to your own situation.

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Jón Schone

Pieter Sneeuwplein 12

9641 KA Veendam

the Netherlands

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