Carbon fiber reinforced nylon filament!

OK, I cannot hold my enthusiasm. I recently discovered nylon filament which is beyond my expectation but is still a bit flexible, a bit too flexible for some applications. And now I created my first print with this nylon enforced filament! This is, hands down, by far the best filament I have ever printed with my FDM printer. It looks great, it is extremely strong and more rigid than nylon. It prints better because of its lower shrink rate and absorbs less water.

I decided to reprint the quick tool change I have created a couple of weeks ago and shared in this post because it needed a bit more stiffness and it is a great print to start with since it is rather easy to print. I think the result is great and I will mount this as soon as I hit the publish button and this post is launched.

Before I do this I have to mention one thing for those who ask themselves why the lever in the picture is still printed with normal nylon. Carbon is quite abrasive and nylon is well known for its low friction and its abrasion resistance which makes it the perfect material for this part because it slides against the tool holder to fixate it. The updated thing (well, the files have not changed but still) can be downloaded from Thingiverse.

Proper Printing

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