New Ko-fi page!

I have created a new page on Ko-fi on which I will add photos about the projects I am working on together with some random stuff because I just like making pictures. As you would have probably figured out I create YouTube videos about my 3D printing projects and there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. I have chosen for this platform because I like that it is not a subscription platform like Patreon.

Ko-fi to me is a platform on which I will place exclusive content (it is not placed anywhere else, not even here) to get you exited about what has to come and to give you more of a back story.

All designs I create with and information I give are shared freely. If you like what I do and/or it helped you with your 3D printing projects, please consider buying me a coffee because this really keeps me going!

Proper Printing

Jón Schone
Pieter Sneeuwplein 12
9641 KA Veendam
the Netherlands

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