New thing: Card protector money clip

I got this card protector as a gift from my bank and I am very happy with it. However, I was not  able to carry any bank notes with me and I am not comfortable putting the notes loose in my pocket together with my keys. What I needed was a money clip but I could not find any clip which I could fit on the protector. So I created one myself.

First I printed it with PLA but it deformed and could not hold the notes. Now I have printed it with PETG which is a lot stiffer and this looks very promising. The dimensions of the card protector itself are 62mm × 8,5mm as shown in the drawing below.

Money clip measurements
Money clip measurements

A 3D view of the drawing

The 3D view and the photographs are branded, but I placed an unbranded version on Thingiverse.

Contact me if you have any questions or if your card protector has different dimensions!

Card protector money clip

Written by

Jón Schone

Posted on

21 November 2017
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