New thing: Quick tool change for Creality CR-10

I decided to upgrade my Creality CR-10 printer and came across this cool laser head which can easily be added to this printer. There are four small neodymium magnets on the laser head that allow it to be attached to the metal extruder shroud. I wasn’t convinced that this is stable enough so I designed a generic tool holder.

This turned out to be much cooler than I expected because I am not only able to place the laser cutter, I can also add a grinder and suddenly I have a tabletop CNC milling machine! You can even change between hot ends so you don’t have to unscrew the nozzle if you have multiple hot ends and extra cables/connectors. It is also easier to clean or replace the nozzle because you can hold it in your hand and the position remains stable if you replace the tool. I tested this with an indicator (DTI) so no need to level your bed after replacing the tool.

In future posts I will go further into the possibilities of this thing. I came to the conclusion that there is a lot to tell about. So, download this thing from Thingiverse, print it and stay in touch!

Proper Printing

Jón Schone
Pieter Sneeuwplein 12
9641 KA Veendam
the Netherlands

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