New thing: Volkswagen switch cover SD card holder

I love listening to music while driving and I listen to a variety of genres. I decided to use several SD cards with different kind of genres but I could not find a good place in my car to put them. Then I saw that there are a couple of blank removable switch covers in which something can be fitted. I this case an SD card holder.

I used the two most right covers so the radius is on the right side. I drive a VW Scirocco but I recon that the same switch bank is also used in other VW models.

Keep in mind that PLA material does not cope well with high temperatures. It becomes weak above 60°C to 65°C. This design does not have to hold anything like a cup- or phone holder, but I cannot guarantee that it will stay intact after a hot day.

A 3D view of the holder:

And like a lot of my designs, the STL files can be downloaded from Thingiverse

VW SD card holder

Written by

Jón Schone

Posted on

17 December 2017
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