Swappable hot end for Creality CR-10

I started my 3D printer upgrade series with the quick tool change which is still one of my coolest upgrades. However, it missed something because if you change to a different tool, you always have to place the hot end somewhere. With the swappable hot end it is possible to disconnect the whole hot end like the Ultimaker printers. Another advantage of this, besides being able to disconnect your hot end, is that you can use different hot ends for different materials or nozzle diameters. If you use a laser engraver, you don’t have to add an extra wire or switches to your control board and you can just connect it directly. More about that in my upcoming videos!

More information about this thing can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3547740

I am planning on selling this as a kit on eBay because this is a tricky upgrade. With a kit you can connect this without having to cut any wires and potentially destroying your printer. I will do some research of what I have to do to get there (cost calculation, best places to get the components, best methods of assembling, packaging etc.). Before getting there I am going to print a lot with it and with different hot ends to make sure that everything works as I would expect. I will do some tests, for example what happens if you disconnect it during a print, to make sure that I can deliver a good product. I have made a video where I introduce this thing and how I made it. Have fun watching!

Written by

Jón Schone

Posted on

7 April 2019
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