Things change

At this moment there are a couple of platforms on which I place my content. I placed all, well most, of the videos I created on YouTube on this blog post too, until now… I will split the type of content on all platforms and use these platforms where they excel at. The active platforms I use are:

  • This blog; This is where I will put all news and topics which require more in depth information.
  • YouTube; This speaks for itself, have fun watching!
  • Thingiverse; The place where I put all my designs which can be downloaded for free.
  • Ko-fi; The place where I beg for money 😛 I place photos of the projects I am working on here at random to get you excited with what has to come!
  • Facebook; Because yeah, Facebook!

So, instead of just copying the stuff already placed on other platforms to this blog, I’ll make the best use out of each platform. This will increase the quality of the content!

Written by

Jón Schone

Posted on

7 June 2019
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