Finally… my Patreon page!

The title says it all, I finally started a Patreon page! I didn’t want to start this before I could be completely sure that I was able to keep the promises. Starting from September I’m going to work in part-time so I have a day extra to show you more about my projects and what I learn from them. This is basically the common theme: showing my ideas and learn from them (and have fun doing so!). With Patreon we’re going to explore this a bit more in depth.

I decided to go with 3 tiers: Proper coffee, Proper support and Proper recognition. With all 3 tiers you’ll get exclusive access to the Patreon only blog posts in which I post behind the scenes footage and talk a bit more about my upcoming projects, new ideas and 3D printing in general. I made an introduction video about this

Everyone can access this blog and in the early days of my channel I added some posts, but it turned out to be too much work. I’m glad I kept everything, so you already have something to read! I decided to pick this up again and use this to show the Patreon supporters more cool stuff!

If you’re one of the higher tiers you’ll get access to the special blog posts in which I’m going to talk more about the lessons I learn from the videos I post on YouTube. I learn a lot from the comments and new insights which is simply too much to put into a next video. Summing this up and start a conversation with you is a nice way to learn even more and understand each other better!

You can find the page here: and I’m looking forward to see you there!

Have an awesome day!

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