New design: Classic Mini cup holder

One of the biggest issues I faced with my Austin Mini is not the exploding heater valve, nor the ignition coil falling off, nor the blown out head gasket, but the lack of a decent cup holder. These kind of major issues can be solved by 3D printing. Which I did 😀

The cup holder can be placed without any screws into the ashtray space (some force required). This is still a work in progress because some areas are a little too thin and the glass transition temperature (the temperature at which the material goes into a rubbery state) of PLA is 60 to 65°C according to Wikipedia. This means that the holder will not be able hold my beverage on a hot summer day…

I still have to test this design by putting two full cans of soda into the holder and going for a ride on a bumpy road for a while. Eventually this design will be a little tougher and made out of ABS before the next summer!

P.S. Here is a photo of the holder actually holding drinks

Cup holder holding drinks
Cup holder holding drinks
Classic Mini cup holder

Proper Printing

Jón Schone
Pieter Sneeuwplein 12
9641 KA Veendam
the Netherlands

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