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Ender 3 dual Z axis with optional frame braces

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A dual Z axis upgrade with a single stepper is in my opinion a must have for the Ender 3 because this increases the accuracy and reliability of the machine. I have designed one which uses standard parts which don’t need to be modified and it is combined with the frame braces I have designed earlier.

I have added corner pieces without the frame braces if you are just interested in the dual Z axis. I have designed the bracket to be as stiff as possible and therefore it has this odd shape which I am quite happy with.

I have bought all parts from RepRapWorld and it happens to be that the 696 mm closed loop timing belt together with the two 60 teeth pulleys have a center distance similar to the two vertical beams. All holes are slotted so it can be adjusted a bit.

The power supply must be placed somewhere else and I have seen that there are some mods which enable you to do this.

I have made a video about this upgrade in which I show the process.

Print Settings

Printer: Creality CR-10
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 20%
Filament: PETG


I have added a picture of the orientation of the two upper corners which proved to be successful for me.

Parts needed

*Amount depends on having the braces or not. More information about the needed parts of the braces can be found here.

I have used the existing screws for mounting the bracket, but I think slightly longer screws work better. I’ll get back to that.

Mounting instructions

  • Remove the power supply and Z-axis motor (leave the existing lead screw in)
  • Remove both top end caps
  • Place the top left corner piece (the one above the Z-motor)
  • Press both bearings in
  • Press the existing lead screw through the lower bearing and add the pulley together with the timing belt
  • Press the lead screw through the pulley, the upper bearing and far enough for the Z-motor and coupler
  • Place the Z-motor and mount it to the lead screw
  • Fasten the pulley
  • Add the top right corner piece and press both bearings in
  • Add the bracket with the 300mm lead screw and nut (use a 10mm drill to widen the hole for the lead screw nut if necessary) and do not press the lead screw nut in yet
  • Press the 300mm lead screw through the lower bearing and add the second pulley together with the 1mm shim and timing belt
  • Press the 300mm lead screw to the right height (just above the upper bearing) don’t fasten the pulley yet
  • Press the lead screw nut in the bracket by rotating it downwards and mount it
  • Adjust the height of the gantry so that both sides are at the same height. This can be done by rotating the 300mm lead screw and holding the pulley still
  • Once the gantry is horizontal you can fasten the second pulley and enjoy printing

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.

1 review for Ender 3 dual Z axis with optional frame braces


    I wanted to install both dual z and z brace support, I came acros this design that has an option for both, I thought great, i liked the look of the design so i printed it and i am so happy with it, very nice design, many thanks for your efforts in coming up with these great designs, keep up the good work ✌

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