Power supply mod for the Ender 3

Suggested Price: 3.00

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Suggested Price: 3.00

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This power supply mod locates the fan output and power input to the back of the printer. I needed this mod because the standard position does not work with the double z-axis upgrade I have made earlier.

I had to invent some side approach nuts to mount the casing to the end of the aluminum profile. I have uploaded this design separately because I can imagine that this could be used for other things as well. I have made a video regarding this upgrade which shows some safety tips too

Print Settings

Printer: Creality CR-10
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 30%
Filament: PETG


I have lowered the support density to 10% because it is a bit of a pain to remove the supports inside the casing.


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