Custom D-sub connector

Suggested Price: 3.00

Suggested Price: 3.00

The download contains the 3D printable (stl) files only. The Fusion 360 and/or STEP files are accesible to my Patreon supporters. Consider becoming a supporter yourself and get access to these files!



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How awesome would it be if it would be possible to make custom connector configurations with very specific features?! Well, this is what went through my head and I started designing. I’ve done this in the past for a specific connector at my work where several jumpers needed to be set automatically. Instead of placing several jumpers I printed a connector with a specific pitch which fitted all these jumper connections at once. I’ve continued working on that idea and came with a tool holder with an embedded connector.

The download consists of the custom connector tool holder together with (fe)male (power) connector segments to make your own configurations. I move the segments to meet my configuration and combine these with the rest of a body which I design around it.

I definitely want to build upon this idea so I’m definitely not finished with this one! Some possibilities I see with this method are:

  • Grouping specific functions in one connector
  • Embedding connectors in enclosures or other features like a cable chain as I’ve done here
  • Adding features which do not exist yet in connectors (like a shaft connection)
  • Combining different connection types
  • probably more that I haven’t thought of right now 😉

I’ve made a video about this connector idea in which you see me struggling a lot xD

Print Settings

Printer: Creality Ender 3 pro
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 30%
Filament: PETG


Like you can see in the video I’m struggling a lot. This was due to the lack of a proper crimp tool, but also due to the very small error that is allowed. The connection should click in place without too much force and it should stay in place. You’ll find out that this is not easy 😉

Mounting instructions

The parts which fit the connector segments are:

  • Male crimp contact RS no.: 741-2839
  • Female crimp contact RS no.: 741-2854
  • Male power solder contact RS no.: 693-1082
  • Female power solder contact RS no.: 693-1073

Other part you need for making this connector:

  • Connector back shell (for the screws and strain relief) RS no.: 484-694
  • Screw lock RS no.: 680-8945
  • M3 inserts. I use them from Onkenhout but you can find them elsewhere. You can find the specs of the 137104 I’ve used here.

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  1. Jeroen

    Hi Jón, love your mods but here you may have over-tinkered a bit. A much easier and cheaper solution is using standard 15-pin d-sub connectors, pull out (e.g. the middle) 3 pins and drill a hole with a 4mm wood drill centered through the de-pinned plastic area of both male and female connectors connected together, preferably using a drill column stand. This gives a snug, auto aligned fit of the Bowden tube without the need for custom fittings. For multiple Bowden tools, you reuse the male connector for ‘proper’ alignment of the female tool connectors.

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