My first 100 subs!

I just have reached my first milestone with my YouTube channel which is an astonishing 100 subscribers! Why is this such a big deal? Well, you have to have at least 100 subs to claim a custom URL. So instead of: it is now which is somewhat easier Read more…

New Ko-fi page!

I have created a new page on Ko-fi on which I will add photos about the projects I am working on together with some random stuff because I just like making pictures. As you would have probably figured out I create YouTube videos about my 3D printing projects and there Read more…

Linear toggle clamp

New thing: Linear toggle clamp

This design is based on a toggle clamp and the difference is that the last part of the stroke is linear. As an example, this feature is useful for applications in which a probe must come in contact with a PCBA to test or program it. This is where I got the idea from. This design can be used like a normal toggle clamp because a fair amount of force can be applied at he end of the stroke and the clamp will hold just fine. I tried it with the kitchen scale and 3kg was not a problem but this was the maximum value of the scale.